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Yoast SEO premium Plugin

What is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is a proper and genuine way to optimize your contents and website easily for high ranking. Though the Yoast is available in the form of plugins; people need to buy it for further use.

However, with the help of Yoast SEO plugins, you can easily find out mistakes related to your texts, paragraphs, keyword density, and much more.  So, isn’t it amazing?

Yoast SEO, the name of optimization different contents and websites quickly without any hassle. Yoast can also help you to redirect your delete pages as well, and also, promote your site to get high ranking as soon as possible.

However, in this article, you will get to know about different types and categories of Yoast SEO Premium Plugin with their own price and benefits.




  1. Yoast Local SEO For WooCommerce Premium:

This Yoast local SEO for WooCommerce Premium is a factor to get an online store on the first page of google. Yoast SEO Premium is the number 1 choice and plugin to improve further your websites overall ranking in the results of search engines.

Although, it sets up a form of redirects for your every page which deletes. As well as, it also improves your website formation with the help of internal links and also optimizes your writing and texts.

The combination of Yoast Local SEO for WooCommerce Premium work better as a team instead of in a separate form.


  • Get high ranking
  • Optimizes texts
  • 2in1 local SEO plugin and Yoast premium
  • Visibility on Google maps for more buyers.


We offer this package at only $4.99. However, on other sites, you will get this package at above $20.

  1. Yoast Local SEO Premium:

A perfect bundle package that will allow you to get fully optimize website within days. This Yoast Local SEO premium is a mixture of local SEO plugin and Yoast SEO premium plugin for better performance.

SEO is essential nowadays for high ranking, and for high ranking, we need to focus on SEO of our websites. Though, with the help of Yoast Local SEO premium, you will get what you want quickly.

As this is the best way to make your website visible in the eye of search engines like Bing and google.


  • Fully optimize website
  • High ranking of your local business website
  • With this bundle package, you can save more money
  • Easily catch more potential clients surrounding in your community.


We offer you this bundle at only $4.99. However, you will get 21% discount through our offer as other sites will give you this bundle at above $20.


Yoast Local SEO Premium


  1. Yoast News SEO Premium:

This Yoast news SEO premium is a smart choice for you to get visible results in google news. With the help of this plugin, your site will quickly get optimize for Google news. Though, the plugin will create editors pick RSS feed as well as XML news sitemaps for better and quick performance.

Why you need this plugin? Well, people believe that Google news is the power source for traffic, and for this, your site needs to visible on google news. So, if you need more traffic for your business or website, you need to get this Yoast News SEO premium package for higher traffic.


  • Help you to get more traffic
  • You can reach potential clients
  • More high-ranking chances
  • Enhance your business or website to make visible in front of search engines.


  • We offer this package at only $4.99 instead of $110. You will get a perfect discount from us.
  1. Yoast SEO Premium:

When you’re growing out your new website, you are get bound to move into such cases where you have to delete some old pages, removing pages, changing some URLs for more categories, etc.

However, these changes can seriously develop more problems and to combat with such issues you need to get Yoast SEO premium.  This plugin is the necessary factor for your website to stay alive and look outstanding.

The Yoast SEO premium plugin has redirects module that can further help you to fix your problems.


  • Redirect manager
  • Build internal linking
  • Help to manages old deleting pages
  • Help to fix all the issue related to the website structure.


We offer you this package at only $4.99. You will get this package on other sites at above $80.

  1. Yoast Video SEO Premium:

If you want to make your videos visible on search engines like Google, then you need to get this Yoast Video SEO premium. This plugin helps you to make your videos visible on search engines like bing and google. So, this is just as simple, what you have to do is embed the video.

Though, after that, you need to add your meta descriptions (a cool and attractive one would be recommended) and some catchy titles to the video and also don’t forget to choose the apparent tags and categories.

Now your video will be seen in the videos of google search with the help of Yoast Video SEO premium.


  • Your videos will be visible to google videos
  • More chance to get traffic on your website
  • Improve the performance for sharing videos on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Make your videos active and responsive via allowing fitvids.js.


We offer this plugin at only $4.99. You will get this plugin on other sites at $69.


Yoast Video SEO premium

  1. Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium:

The Yoast WooCommerce SEO premium is the best choice for your online stores. This plugin will let your store visible on the first page on google, so that, you can get more potential visitors and customers as well.

This is an excellent combination in which you will get two plugin powers in a one itself.  Try this Yoast WooCommerce SEO premium and start your store to stay high on the search engines.


  • Get high ranking in bing, google and as well as Pinterest.
  • Catch more potential buyers
  • Your products will be made visible throughout the search results.


We offer this bundle package at only $4.99. You will get this offer at other sites at the cost of $46.

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